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Looking for a catering supplier in Ireland? Look no further than Cork Hygiene which is available for all your catering needs. Cork is part of the Jangro Group, which is the largest and fastest growing group of independent distributors of janitorial supplies.

Cork Hygiene offer free advice on all aspects of product use and sustainability, as well as providing staff training for customers in the correct and safe use of catering products supplied.

Cork Hygiene has been one of Ireland’s catering suppliers since 1989, delivering top quality catering supplies across Ireland and in the UK. They specialise in glassware, foil & film, catering disposables, bar & kitchen cleaning chemicals, and tabletop products. These products are all part of Cork Hygiene’s expansive catering range.

You must make sure to buy the correct amount of catering supplies if hosting a large event or party because the last thing you want is to not have enough supplies. If no doubt you should buy extra as they can come in useful at a later date.

Catering Disposables

Cork Hygiene offer a wide range of catering disposables such as cups. Disposable coffee cups are perfect for any type of business (big or small) selling hot drinks. Cork Hygiene sell them in packs of 500 which might seem like a large amount, but they’ll be gone in no time!

If you are pushing the boat out and are one of the larger coffee click here companies in your area, you can get the coffee cups in different sizes which can come in useful if you are looking to sell small, medium, and large.

The disposable products Cork Hygiene supplies are perfect for large events with big crowds as they can easily be disposed of once people are finished with their food and drink.

Foil & Film

You might be hosting an event with check here fresh food in a buffet style layout for people to have but in a warm indoor building, the food can cause bacteria to grow rapidly, especially between 40 ° to and 140 °F, doubling in number in as little as 20 minutes. Many here food and hygiene experts state to never leave food out of refrigeration for longer than 2 hours. Ideally, leave it till as late as possible and if left out in the open for any time at all, cover with either clingfilm or foil. Make sure all the food is covered, so no here insects or bugs can get to the food as well.

Bar & Kitchen Chemicals

You might have recently taken over a pub and are having trouble with your beer pumps. Cork Hygiene supply a beer pipeline cleaner which for those of you who aren’t sure is a powerful, colourless, and odourless blend of caustic soda and sequestrants designed to clean beer pumps and pipelines quickly and efficiently. Removes yeast build up in pipelines. Kills bacteria and removes staining.

Another cleaning chemical for pubs that Cork Hygiene supply is Glass Renovating Powder, which is a free flowing powder designed to revive drinking glasses and clean cabinet glass wash machines – nobody wants to drink out of a cloudy, dirty looking glass.

As well to supplying Bar and Kitchen chemicals, if you are running a pub or restaurant, you will need a number of tabletop products. One product that will come in useful for both are napkins. Cork Hygiene has an extensive range of napkins available on their website perfect for the cocktail drinkers!

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article on the catering supplies Cork Hygiene supply.

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